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Roadside Assistance

There are some things that you cannot predict. Even after your fluid levels have been checked and your air pressure stabilized, accidents do happen. A tire blow out and failed battery are quite annoying and inconvenient. Fortunately, Gainesville Towing Company offers 24-hour roadside assistance. We work with companies like Geico and AAA to facilitate swift and accurate roadside assistance. You may not have realized that your fuel gauge malfunctioned. As a result, you will run out of gas when you least expect it. Even the most sophisticated car systems can fail. If you happen to lock your keys in the truck, don’t hesitate to contact us to rescue you from any road or lot within the city limits. By the way, we also provide wrecker service.

Blow Outs and Flat Tires

When is there ever a convenient time to experience a blow out. They are shocking and can have a domino effect on your day. Our job is to get you back out on the road as swiftly as possible. We guarantee a prompt ETA. Our tow truck operators are adept at changing tires with ease. If you do not have a do not on hand, we will tow you to the nearest tire repair company or the location of your choice. It would be our pleasure to offer our services to members of your auto club. We service Gainesville and all of Alachua County.

Fast and Reliable Jump Starts

There was a moment in time when every car was complete with its own set of jumper cables. Modern vehicles are constructed with sophisticated technology rendering it a fluke when your battery fails without warning. In those rare instances in which you experience a failed battery, you can trust Gainesville Towing Company to arrive on the double to get you up and running again. We possess sophisticated technology to service your vehicle in a jiffy. Our veteran tow operators are versed in jump starting vehicles. If your vehicle fails in a precarious area or after the sun has set, we will advise you to wait in the car or inside an open business for your personal safety until we arrive.

Vehicle Lockout Service

We’ve never met a lock that we couldn’t pick. Fortunately, we use our special powers for good and not evil. Modern vehicles have safe guards in place to prevent vehicle lock outs. Some cars won’t lock if the key fob is detected inside the vehicle. Many are programmed not to lock if the car is in the ignition. Yet, even with a safety net accidents happen. Vehicle lockouts occur when our customers are in a hurry. They are preoccupied with the future to remain focused on the present. Usually it is a meeting, work or they are dashing to pick up their kids when they accidentally lock their keys in the car.

Fast Fuel Delivery

Habitual line steppers are those folks that can clearly see that their tank is on empty but push the boundaries. It’s like a distorted game in which they want to see how far they can drive on fumes before their vehicle finally peters out. Then there are those rare situations in which the fuel gauge has malfunctioned and displays an incorrect fuel amount. In both of these scenarios, fast fuel delivery is required. You can opt for a quarter, half or full tank. Let us know which octane you prefer and a tow operator will arrive between 15 and 45 minutes to assist.

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