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Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

In Gainesville, Florida, roam towing is perfectly legal. In many jurisdictions throughout the country, an illegally parked vehicle will be ticketed unless it has reached the limit of accumulated tickets. In Gainesville, an unauthorized vehicle parked on private property is legally sanctioned for towing. The media and major news outlets have reported on this fact. There is much debate on opposite sides of the fence as to whether this process is fair or not. Drivers who park illegally are human. Like everyone they make mistakes and push boundaries. Taking multiple factors into account, we choose to offer compassionate parking enforcement towing.

Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property

If a driver doesn’t want to get towed, they must follow the rules. Signage in various lots throughout the city notify drivers when roam towing is in effect. Roam towing is the seeking and removal of illegally parked vehicles from private property. If the signage is in place and the driver takes the risk to park illegally, our tow operators will move swiftly and tow the unauthorized car in less than three minutes. Most parking enforcement tows take place downtown and near the University of Florida campus. We always have trucks stationed in those areas to ensure that parking spaces are available for intended vehicles.

Handicapped Parking

The fine for unauthorized parking in a handicapped space is $200. The towing fee which includes a 24-hour storage option is $76. If a driver decides to take the risk and park in a handicapped parking space, they may be subject to a $276 penalty. That’s a huge risk when you compare it to the $4 latte they ran into Starbucks to get. Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for people who are physically challenged. They are designed to facilitate easy ingress and egress from retail spaces, service providers and medical offices. Anyone who does not have the appropriate identification and signage will be towed.

Unauthorized Retail Parking

How many time have you heard, ‘I just ran in there for a moment!’ A vehicle is towed in Gainesville every 40 minutes. Over the last two years, 26,000 cars were towed. This is equivalent to 1/5 of the cars registered in the city. We charge $76 for towed vehicles plus one day of storage. The entire tow industry generates $2,500 daily in parking enforcement tows. It’s easy to misread some of the complicated signs throughout the city. Unauthorized retail parking is not a matter of signage misinterpretation. It’s ballsy and is a game of risk. Contact us for swift towing if a vehicle is illegally parked on your premises.

Compassionate Towing

It is our job, but we don’t go out of our way to be difficult. Some of our colleagues have been spat on, urinated on, suffered profanities and beaten while towing vehicles. We recognize that most of the vehicles towed belong to broke college students. The most tows occur during University of Florida football games. A day of revelry shouldn’t result in $76 worth of towing fees. Gainesville Towing Company is one of the few towing companies in the area that accepts credit card payments. We try to make the process as easy as possible.

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