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Flat Bed Towing

Flat Bed Towing

If you are unfamiliar with the term flat bed towing, you are not alone. Flat bed towing is different from conventional towing because it is safer. Instead of hitching a vehicle via chain to the back of a tow truck and dragging it down the road on two wheels, it sits comfortably on a bed. Your vehicle will rest rather regally on one of our many flat bed vehicles. We invested in flat bed tow trucks because they help to protect the towed vehicle. Flat bed towing is the only way to transport a vehicle that has a broken axle. By the way, we also provide heavy duty towing service.

The Benefits of Flatbed Towing

What they don’t tell you is that when your vehicle is towed without the use of a flat bed, it is susceptible to damage. The chain that connects your vehicle to the tow truck does not prevent it from swerving and possibly hitting other vehicles and pedestrians. Gravity and centrifugal forces will push rocks, pebbles and other debris under the tow truck. The gravitational pull results in these rocks colliding with your vehicle. There is a good chance that your side doors and windows will be impacted. If the tow truck hits a speed bump or pot hole, your car’s bumper may collide with the tow truck. Flat beds protect your vehicle at all costs.

Luxury Vehicles

We work hard for the things we have. When you made the decision to purchase a luxury vehicle, you were well aware of the increased service and repairs required to keep it running in tip top shape. There is no point in investing in a luxury vehicle only to have it drug through the streets of downtown Gainesville by its rear wheels. Flat bed towing will protect your paint job and windshield from flying debris. You don’t have to concern yourself with your vehicle swaying into oncoming traffic when the tow truck makes a turn. When you need a tow, Gainesville Towing Company will always send a flat bed truck for your protection.

Types of Vehicles Towed

You should know that we are a full service towing company. We are proud to say that we have full range of tow truck options. From light to heavy duty flat beds plus a heavy duty roll back, we’ve got you covered. Given the range of trucks in our fleet, there is literally nothing that we cannot tow. Our heavy duty winch out service makes us invincible. There is not job too big or too small for us to handle. We are not beyond towing a tiny Vespa or a huge tour bus. Our company is equipped to tow any vehicle made for land or sea.

Areas Serviced

You can trust that we will not leave you stranded. It is a horrible business practice but we are well aware that some of our competitors leave customers high and dry once they realize the distance they must travel to rescue them from a predicament. We have heard of customers being charged exorbitant prices for long distance tows. We believe in ethical profitability. This means that we will not price gouge our customers under any circumstances. Our prices are based upon mileage and the service required. We don’t charge more for emergency or late night tows. As our name suggests, we service all of Gainesville and Alachua County. If you need a long distance tow, contact us for an accurate quotation.

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