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​For over 15 years we have provided much needed compassionate towing to the residents and business owners of Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville is known for roam towing. The subject has been debated in the city council and on the news as to whether roam towing is fair and effective. We see both sides of the debate and have chosen to offer compassionate towing as a result. This means that if the driver returns to their vehicle before we have attached it to the tow truck we will release it for free. If they happen to return after we have already hitched the vehicle to the tow truck, we will release it for a minor fee of $34. We won’t make the driver come with us to the impound lot and cough up $76 unnecessarily. Unlike most tow companies in the area, we accept credit cards. In this day and age, few people carry more than $40 cash. While we have an ATM machine on our premises, the usage fee is not exorbitant. Most tow companies inconvenience the driver by making her go to an offsite ATM. We do our best to simplify the process as much as possible.

There are twelve trucks within our fleet. Two are light duty, 4 are medium duty and 4 are heavy duty flat beds. We have 2 heavy duty roll backs for technically difficult jobs. There are 12 veteran tow operators on staff to assist with any tow or winch out service. Just call us now!

Gainesville Towing Company

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