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​Wrecker Service

Wrecker Service

Gainesville Towing Company offers a comprehensive wrecker service. Included within that service is roadside assistance, flat bed service 24-hour heavy duty towing and parking enforcement. There is nothing within the towing realm that we cannot accomplish. We possess are large fleet which allows us to be in multiple locations simultaneously. When you contact us, we are bound to have a heavy duty flat bed truck located in close proximity. Our ETA’s are typically guaranteed between 15 and 45 minutes. If we are unable to reach you within the requisite time period, we will give you the opportunity to seek assistance elsewhere. We also provide flat bed towing service.

Types of Vehicles Towed

The preferred way to tow a vehicle is via a flat bed tow truck. This ensures that your vehicle is protected from flying debris from the tow truck and prevents it from swerving into oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Gainesville Towing Company has invested heavily in a fleet that can handle any wrecker service need. Within our fleet of 12, we possess 2 light duty tow trucks, 4 medium duty trucks, 4 heavy duty flat beds and 2 heavy duty roll backs. Each is complete with a winch out mechanism. Given the diversity of our fleet, we can tow any vehicle, large or small.

Commercial Towing

Wrecker services come in handy for commercial businesses that rely on transportation to provide goods and services. Our wrecker service is perfect for limousine companies, taxis and any other vehicle based businesses. We welcome the opportunity to work with the municipal bus system and University of Florida transportation department. The sheer size of our team and fleet makes it possible to service all your towing and roadside assistance needs with care. Our team is skilled in bunking and unbunking, vehicular evictions, decking and undecking. We do heavy duty mud recoveries, sunken semi trailer lifting, off road semi truck recovery and much more.

Professional Winch Outs

Don’t rely on your friends or neighbors to get you out of a jam. When you are stuck in mud, ditch or ravine, contact the experts. Many people will seek the assistance of innocent bystanders, family and friends to assist. This usually results in frustration at best and injury at worst. We have witnessed cars rolling on top of those attempting to help. Some have herniated discs as a result of being a good Samaritan. Skip the drama and contact us when you’re in trouble. Uniformed tow operators arrive in less than 45 minutes and let the winch out do all the heavy lifting.

24 Hour Towing Service

It would be nice if emergencies occurred Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. That would be convenient, but it wouldn’t be life. Life happens when we least expect it. They say that while we are busy making plans, God is laughing. When you experience an emergency you can rest assured that Gainesville Towing Company will come to your rescue. After regular operating hours, your call is routed to the tow operator on call. She will answer the phone promptly and courteously. You never have to worry about leaving a message with calling service or voicemail. We are known for compassionate towing. This is what you can expect along with an amicable demeanor.

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